The perfect handcrafted instrument for the traveling bassplayer



The Suitbase is supplied with an arched Swiss spruce top. This makes it stronger than a flat top and gives it more projection.
The sound hole is on the right side where the player is playing. This gives the player a direct sound. For left-handed players, the Suitbase is obviously built the other way around.

The neck


The neck is situated with a proper angle on the soundbox of the Suitbase. For that reason the Suitbase has a high bassbridge. This causes more pressure on the soundboard and therefore more volume. Besides more volume it makes playing with a bow easier.

three octaves

The neck is made of Canadian maple with ebony fingerboard. The fingerboard is shorter than a traditional double bass fingerboard, yet it has a range of 3 octaves. We chose to make it shorter so it would fit in the soundbox perfectly.

Protective Cover

A perfect instrument deserves a perfect protective Cover. The SuitBase is supplied with a custom made cover that protects the instrument while traveling.