Dare to dream and think out of the box. That’s what the SuitBase is all about.

We are building travel basses with a unique shape combined with innovation technology.

Our goal is to make it easier for the traveling bassplayer.

SuitBase | History

Suitbase® is a new and unique concept. It is an acoustic bass transformable in a suitcase

In 2009, during a holiday in France, professional bass guitar player and musical instrument builder Jörgen Fleskens stumbled upon a remarkable wooden box with 3 strings, which sounded almost like a double bass.

The instrument he was playing turned out to be developed by the camping’s owner.

It inspired Jörgen to create a similar concept. A suitcase shaped bass – or, if you prefer, a bass shaped suitcase. It is an Instrument and travel essential at the same time.

For some years, Jörgen worked on ways to improve the concept’s user-friendliness without compromising the instrument’s sound and definition. In January 2012, he finished his first prototype. It was tested by colleagues in the double bass building industry, and it sounded surprisingly well.

That summer, Jörgen took his Suitbase® on a three week camping trip to the French camping where it all started. He played the instrument in local bars and at the campsite, both solo and with other musicians. Everyone was enchanted by its beautiful acoustic sound.

Jörgen soon found out that many enthusiasts wanted to have a Suitbase® of their own. After registering the concept and trademark, he started building Suitbases for others.

In September 2013, still fine-tuning and developing the concept, Jörgen and his friends launched Suitbase.com.