Frequently Asked Questions

The perfect instrument for the traveling bassplayer

Does the Suitbase fit in the storage space of an airplane?

Yes it does!

How much does a SuitBase weigh?

The weight of a Suitbase is approximately 9kg. (protectionbag included)

How long is the stringlength of the SuitBase

The string length of the SuitBase is 96cm or 38 inch.

How fast can I assemble the SuitBase?

The SuitBase is assembled very easy in 5 minutes.
Take a look at this video

What’s the length of a is SuitBase?

The total length of the SuitBase is 1,50 m +  a very stable carbon endpin of 60 cm.

Can I use every pick-up system?

The Suitbase has a traditional bassbridge and sounboard. Therefore many pick-up systems provided in the double bass industry also can be used on the Suitbase.

What's the price of a Suitbase?

Your SuitBase is perfectly custom build by our hands. The price varies from €2950,- to €6500,-
depending on the specs. and wishes.

Can the Suitbase be used as a normal suitcase?

Yes you can.


How does it sound?

Sound and the perception of it is subjective to be honest, but we are very critical and truly believe that the sound of a SuitBase is comparable with a well-built double bass. In this video we have recorded the SuitBase with a AKG C214 mic approximately 20cm from the instrument with totally flat EQ and no effect. We do advice to use a good headphone or a good installation when you watch/listen to this video since low frequencies sound badly or not at all from a tablet, smartphone, laptop or PC.

Does a SuitBase has a pick-up system?

We did research and measurements and came up with a very natural sounding pick-up system that is built in. This system is passive and simple and usually works with most bass amplifiers. It is also possible to use your own pick-up system since there is a traditional bassbridge on the soundboard.

How big is the protection-bag?

The protection-bag is 82cm long and 65cm wide and 23cm deep.

Does the bag protect the Suitbase enough?

Yes, in normal situations the bag offers enough protection for the Suitbase.
However it isn’t bullitproof and keep in mind that it still is a musical instrument.


Can I have a Suitbase in any color?

Yes, this is one of the features that we don’t charge extra for.


Any other questions?

Feel free to contact.