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Dare to dream and think out of the Box.

That’s what the SuitBase® is all…..



An impression




An impression of the SuitBase?

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The Instrument

Our customers have the luxury of a tremendous sound while traveling with convenience. The SuitBase is an unique foldable bass that fits in every backseat af a car.


The SuitBase is an handcrafted acoustic TravelBass designed and produced in the Netherlands.
Have a look at the instrument. See, hear and believe.

How to order

Every SuitBase is unique and handcrafted. Our clients have specific wishes and ideas. Since 2012 we created instruments for many happy players and they all have their own specifications.

Fantastic and really suprising how such a small instrument creates this great sound,

Ronald ter Peel

Bassplayer, Several Ensembles

I’m enthousiastic ambassador of the SuitBase; I travel a lot and it’s really easy to take the instrument in a plane.

Guy Dubois


Daalakkersweg 2, Sectie C
Hal 6-36

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